The truth about your privacy is NOT found on a website ”privacy policy” page.

Large Tech companies we all use on a daily basis do not write these privacy policy pages for our benefit. It’s for their legal protection inside of a courtroom when defending themselves.

Privacy policies are not enforced, are inaccurate, not up to date, written by tech legal representation to make sure we do not understand the language.

Laws inside the US, EU, CA, RU etc., regarding how websites track and collect your data is different and enforced differently all around.

Bigger sites have multiple links within their privacy policy page which branch off into sub-pages. The sub-links or pages contain additional info of how your online privacy is taken advantage of.

This site’s privacy policy could easily pass CCPA, GDPR, and other privacy protection organization standards.

We do not collect your IP, Internet Provider, location, or name for third party sale nor use.

Your IP is checked for it’s reputation. If your IP address has exhibited improper behavior.

Cloudflare is authorized to challenge the connection on our behalf.

No data nor IP address is saved or sold.

Our minimal use of cookies and data collection is for your online privacy as well as our security to keep the site running properly.

We do not see the point of providing legal and technical verbiage most people do not understand.

We stand by this choice and for your trust.

It’s your choice to trust a website or an app.

An App, Website, Internet Provider, Telecom Provider nor their ”Enforcement” will tell you the whole truth.

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